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Ultra Lite Weight and Health Management

Address: Research, VIC 3095

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"Getting the weight off is one thing keeping it off is Ultra Lite"

Ultra Lite weight & Health Management is a Healthy 16 year old Fat Burning and detox Ketogenic program and is based on sound science and common sense and is supported by a network of trained Ultra Lite Practitioners throughout Australia and New Zealand

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3 September, 2015
I have been a Ultra Lite Consultant since 2009. The ultra Lite program has been a great addition to my Personal Training Studio, the results my clients have received have been outstanding. I will be sharing their testimonials over the next few weeks. Ultra lite educates for life, is a successful program because it makes weight loss manageable and simple to do.
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 am very passionate about Health and believe that a large proportion of our health issues facing us today are due to making wrong choices in the food that we eat. My Company Ultra Lite Weight & Health Management Systems is dedicated to assisting those wishing to reduce weight and reclaim their health and make the lifestyle changes necessary to improve their overall well-being. Ultra Lite offers a well structured Business Model based on the Ketogenic principles that of Moderate Protein and Modified Carbohydrates as opposed to Low Fat Low salt concept and the calorie chasing that is so often promoted. We have assisted well over 500,000 people to lose weight and keep it off by teaching them that by being in Ketosis their bodies become a fat burning machine 24 hours a day.Specialties: We have provided what we believe is the ultimate  compliment to what Health & fitness proffessionals are endeavoring to achieve that of getting better health outcomes for their clients and  assisting them in breaking into the very large deconditioned market of would be clients seeking to burn fat.


Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by Ultra Lite Weight and Health Management .

Rowena , Melbourne Victoria

Wow this new way of eating is amazing! I’ve lost 21.5 kg and 71 cm in 12 weeks and I feel like a ‘new’ me – the results are tangible quickly – clothes too loose, fitting into skirts I haven’t worn for six years, comments from friends and even sales assistants from the local shops – “You look fantastic! – Great! – What are you doing?”

I’ve found a new lease of life and it is wonderful. I feel like shouting from my soap box! “There is hope for those of us who have tried every diet and not succeeded. This one really works!”

Sam Ince
11 Years on and I have managed my weight thanks to Ultra Lite It’s been 11 years since my Ultra Lite journey. A journey which has changed my life in so many ways. For me losing weight was the beginning of a brand new me. I didn’t like the ‘old’ me, a person who had little respect for herself, no pride in her appearance, no concern for her health and wellbeing. My mental strength was nonexistent and my energy was focused on other people. There is no denying the first week on the Ultra Lite program was ‘a wakeup call’ but I’m strong willed and very determined so I knew I could do it. So you ask how I’ve kept it off after 11 years?? Well, the road was never straight and narrow but the one thing that kept me going was a picture of the ‘old’ me and the knowing I could NEVER go back to that lifestyle again. I exercise every day, it’s so important to keep moving, walking for me is my ‘go to’ choice, but our bodies do require more variety so I include Pilates, Calisthenics, hiking, cycling and dance on alternate days. As for my eating habits I have a whole new respect for food. Quality is important to me. I prefer vegetarian food and ethical choices of meat these days . My week consists of fruit and yogurt for breakfast with L.S.A and on occasions gluten free muesli, fruit for morning tea, a protein like cheese or tofu with salad for lunch, nuts or a smoothie to get me through the afternoon munchies and stir fried vegetables with fish/legumes and quinoa (an ancient seed similar to buckwheat). But don’t pat me on the head just yet, I still love my chocolate, beautiful breads and pastas and indulge in food on occasions but I’ve learnt how to balance and plan for these days. For me keeping my emotions in check and dealing with stressful situations has been the most testing. 11 years ago I would of eaten my way around McDonald’s, these days I talk it out with friends and walk it off, it’s amazing how many problems I’ve solved by walking! Some tips I can offer are: 1. Remember the first week is the hardest, your body will adjust and love you for it. 2. For those of you mid way, don’t stop now! Picture yourself at your goal weight and change your thinking habits for example, don’t say ‘no, I can’t have this’ say ‘I can have it later’. 3. Move your body every day. 4. Experiment with new foods, kick start your taste buds and explore super foods such as green tea, pomegranates, kefir-(a low fat yogurt drink) and quinoa. 5. Try to stay away from processed foods. 6. Don’t punish yourself, you will only make the situation worse. 7. Reward yourself at certain milestones. A movie, new shoes ,the theatre or some jewellery. In the end it’s up to you, no one can do it for you. As for me, I continue to evolve as a person and as I reach my 40th birthday next year I look forward to living my life to the fullest with no regrets.

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