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Address: 54 Sir Donald Bradman Drive Mile End South SA 5031

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Our Team Profiles

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Duncan Maxwell



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Duncan Maxwell has been involved in some way in health and fitness most of his life. Growing up in the beautiful ski resort of Whistler in B.C. Canada, Duncan began downhill ski racing with world renowned duel Olympic gold medal winner Nancy Green at the age of 7. Duncan continued racing for many years and was to eventually become one of the youngest ski instructors in Canada at the ripe old age of 15.

During this period he continued to play both soccer and volleyball at a competitive level and became the Provincial under 18’s 100 and 4 x 100 meter sprint champion.

Duncan moved to Australia in 1991 and spent the next several years backpacking around the country doing odd jobs including working with a circus troupe for 18 months from 92-93. In 94 he moved to Adelaide were he started a 4 year, full time apprenticeship with Martial Arts Guru Nino Pilla. During this period Duncan competed in several different disciplines including; Tae kwon do, full contact Stick Fighting and All Styles open weight division competitions.

In ‘96 Duncan completed his fitness leaders’ certificate and went on to specialize in Personal Training, Circuit Training, Swim Coaching and Exercise Rehabilitation. From there he worked for nearly 5 years at Mitcham Perfect Fit (now Goodlife) as a circuit instructor and was responsible, for establishing personal training within the 5 Perfect Fit Centers through his business Optimum Personal Training. Duncan has become a well known and sought after fitness trainer, strength coach, martial arts instructor, lecturer, presenter and corporate health and lifestyle consultant. Duncan currently trains elite athletes, those new to the fitness world, runs S.A.'s largest female only Boot Camp and has, over the years, acted as a mentor for many personal trainers in Adelaide.


Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by THE ENERGY CLINIC.

Christine Hygonnet , Team Leader Cancer Information & Resources

I have really enjoyed the Kettle Bell Workshop I completed recently. I enjoy variety with exercise or I become bored and lose interest.

The KB workshop was different in that it was more a ‘thinking person’s ‘ workshop. The focus was on one movement pattern and breaking that down into all its components and working on each part to try to perfect the complete movement pattern.

Working on each part separately showed me the importance of basic movement patterns and how they contribute to a complete movement, and how important it is to get each one right. It challenged my brain by requiring me to really concentrate on everything I was doing and how it all fits together. It was challenging and rewarding to see the progress over the 5 weeks.

Duncan has an amazing amount of knowledge and an ability to share this with other people in a way that stimulates interest and fosters skill development. I would certainly be interested in further workshops to challenge me in different ways.

Dr Luke Stradwick , Surgeon

Duncan and The Energy Clinic take personal training to a whole new level. Don't be fooled by the humble disposition, when it comes to strength and conditioning, Duncan and his team are hardcore and super switched on!

Duncan is both highly observant and meticulous when it comes to training, so If you think near enough is good enough or anything less than 100% is acceptable, then look elsewhere. If however, you strive for perfection and want to perform at your absolute best, then look no further than Duncan and his team at The Energy Clinic.

Jo-Anne Deuter , Barrister

After several years of relative inactivity, I ruptured my Achilles tendon in an ill-fated return to playing tennis. Once I had got off crutches, I started working with Gaynor to regain flexibility and strength in my damaged leg. The results were far better than I expected. After several years of inactivity, I have over the last 2 years re-gained my fitness, have developed new strength and have gone from being unable to walk to being able to run 6 kilometers without any pain. Gaynor has encouraged me to look at fitness in a new way – by adopting more strength training, and I love it. The feeling of being fit, strong and healthy is fantastic. Of recent times I have worked with Gaynor at The Energy Clinic, using the Whole Body Vibration Training equipment. What an amazing machine – again the strength work really gets results.

I am indebted to Gaynor for giving me back my vitality and fitness and would encourage everyone to get into The Energy Clinic.

Michelle Green

I started training with Gaynor in late 2009 after being diagnosed with pre-diabetes, with the primary goals of building my strength and weight control. With Gaynor’s guidance, encouragement and support I have stabilised my weight, and made huge gains in strength. For example I have gone from being able to do 0 push ups at my initial session (yes! 0!) through to being able to manage 12+ full length and strength push ups on a good day.

Gaynor’s training and concentration on technique from the outset gave me a good basis to build on. Learning that I had been jumping rope ‘wrong’ since the age of 5 was a little shocking, but now it is so much easier! The attention and analysis Gaynor has given to my body’s weaknesses have been very effective. She showed me that my lack of core strength was a big contributor to my poor balance, and worked consistently with me to improve it. As a result I rarely fall over when doing lunges these days, and I now feel much more confident moving and playing with my nieces and nephews. Moving from body-weight resistance to using kettle bells and other equipment was a something I had previously found intimidating but Gaynor made them less scary by helping me to build my strength in stages, and become increasingly confident. The variety of the sessions which might include kettle bells, drills, rope climbs, floor work, fit ball, Vibrogym and boxing, certainly helps avoid the slump or boredom that often comes with exercising on your own.

Susanna Parkinson

Under the guidance and mentorship of Duncan Maxwell at the Energy Clinic, I completed my Certificate 3 & 4  through AIPT in July 2010. With a new baby, the flexibility and support of AIPT was wonderful, helping me to achieve my goal confidently and within a good time frame. I was already employed prior to completing Certificate 4, and look forward with gusto and excitement to starting my own venture very soon.Thanks Duncan and the team at The Energy Clinic for your inspiration!