Levelling the Playing Field for Preschoolers in Need

THURSDAY 1 SEPTEMBER 2011 – In a corporate alliance that will positively influence the lives of some of South Australia’s most disadvantaged children, Ready Steady Go Kids today announced its partnership with Roger Rasheed Sporting Foundation (RRSF).

Commencing in Term 4 Ready Steady Go Kids will give away complimentary term enrolments to 10 preschoolers that are supported by RRSF in their efforts to enable underprivileged children the chance to benefit from the social, physical and intellectual advantages sports provide.

Sport has long been used as a vehicle to help children achieve pivotal developmental milestones but unfortunately it is often those most in need that are never afforded the opportunity to participate in specially designed programs like Ready Steady Go Kids.

Enrolment with Ready Steady Go Kids not only teaches preschoolers about health and fitness but also builds their confidence, gives them greater ability to relax, teaches them discipline and perseverance and promotes cooperation and social inclusion within a positive environment.

“The skills children learn through sport at this age can last a lifetime and help to prepare them as they commence their journey into school,” says Ready Steady Go Kids Director, Stuart Derbyshire. “We are thrilled at the opportunity to work with Roger Rasheed Sporting Foundation to improve the lives of some of the children the Foundation supports.”

Roger Rasheed, former tennis professional, coach and founder of RRSF says “Ready Steady Go Kids offers the resources and experience that complement the goals of our Foundation”.

“At Roger Rasheed Sporting Foundation we use sport to enrich the lives of children whose circumstances affect their ability to engage in physical activity and structured health education”.

Both Ready Steady Go Kids and Roger Rasheed Sporting Foundation are passionate about the education and well-being of each child they mentor and look forward to making a difference to the lives of the preschoolers who will participate in this unique program.