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Onepoint Pilates & Yoga Studio

Address: Shop 7-8/ 365 Shepherds Hill Road Blackwood SA 5051


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Welcome to the onepoint; the very centre of the powerhouse within!

Welcome to the onepoint; the very centre of the powerhouse within! The Onepoint Studio provides ambient space for you to centre, de-stress, realign, stretch, tone, strengthen and recharge. Because we really believe in what we do and have a broad client base, filled with inspirational results, we...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fully Equipped Studio in Blackwood The Onepoint Studio is the first fully equipped Pilates & Yoga Studio in the Adelaide foothills. We understand that core conditioning, physical strength, good posture and flexibility is reliant upon an on-going committment to onepointedness i.e. maintaining mental focus and a connected core during all forms of human movement:- 'As we think, so we become.' We specialise in re-educating the entire organism to wholeness. We assist you in hightening your awareness, applying self-imposed limits and an expanded life-breath; supporting you in a personalised program of measured resistance and core-centred movement. Your acquired skills are then carried over into the activities of everyday living; old postural habits/thought patterns are released; new ways of feeling/being are established & supported. Together we rebuild our bodies a-new! What Sets Us Apart? What sets us apart is our strong Yoga basis. Photographic evidence of Joseph Pilate's work (Return to Life through Contrology, first published in 1945) reveals Pilate's own direct adaptation of many basic Yoga postures. These include the Bridge, Shoulderstand, Forward & Side Bend, the Boat, Cobra and Downward Dog, just to name a few. Here, Joseph Pilates acknowledges that what he terms 'Contrology' is not a new thing and that it has been practised by ancient cultures and in every age. Modern day 'Pilates' is not a fad but rather a tried and true science that builds upon the Contrology or Yoga/Union of yesteryear. At Onepoint Studio, we integrate this science of the mind-body-spirit with that which on-going research and experience reveals to us today. "If I have seen farther, it isby standing on the shoulders of giants." - Sir Isaac Newton At Onepoint, we are actively engaged in doing just that! If you are ready to take your Pilates or Yoga practice to another level, then come and join us and experience for yourself what really sets us apart.