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Address: 4/9a ponderosa pde, Warriewood NSW 2102

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Proven results, in all injury rehabilitation using structure balancing (Kanetica) exercise management, massage. Success has been proven! Don't wait to call! 1st session is free!

Manny Elturk loves helping clients find their youth by using Kanetica, Massage and Strength Coaching.

Kanetica - The Structural Balancing Method

Kanetica is best described as an advanced Reparative and Preventative Structural Balancing Therapy. This “Hands-On” Technique is a Combination of...

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Monday 5:00pm to 8:00pm
Tuesday 6:00am to 8:00pm
Wednesday 6:00am to 1:00pm
Thursday 1:00pm to 8:00pm
Friday 6:00am to 5:00pm
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Our Team Profiles

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Manny Elturk


As a Personal Trainer since 2003, people would continuously ask advice about training and health, and since I enjoyed body building, I really thought this would be my main path in life. But I found that in order to get results from training, the body itself had to be ready first. I quickly realized that rehabilitation and functionality were needed first, which is how I came to discover Kanetica and how powerfully it integrates with strength training.

By using Kanetica, personal Training and massage I am now changing peoples’ lives – and my own. Every time a client makes a change for the better my soul is filled with happiness because life-changing stuff is difficult. My ambition with every client is to help them feel like they are in their twenties again -  which is very much possible! I love changing lives.

I would love to help you change your life.


  • 26 yrs body building
  • 10 yrs personal Trainer
  • 10 yrs rehabilitation Shoulder, knee, back.
  • Boxing
  • Kanetica: Only person in Sydney who is qualified.
  • Strength and condition specialist
  • Fat loss
  • Post Natal 2011
  • Life style coaching
  • Posture, flexibility imbalances & Core function correction


  • Kanetica Level 1 & 2
  • Certificate 4 Personal Trainer
  • Structural Balancing level 1
  • Scientific Back Training (Paul Check)
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1
  • Strength and condition Level 1 (ASCA)
  • Senior First Aid
  • Massage Therapist Cert 4


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John Slinn

Mr Manny Elturk’s operation as a Personal Trainer is informed by an approach which is both intuitive and soundly knowledge-based. He understands very clearly the need to provide training for all muscle groups in a planned comprehensive manner, and, beyond this, is well informed on matters relating to mental attitude, nutrition and lifestyle. Mr Elturk keeps himself au courant , and undertakes professional development activities on a regular basis.

I have been a client of Mr Elturk for some seven years, and have found the experience to be both personally and professionally a most rewarding one. My sense of physical well-being is a very satisfying one, and I attribute this in no small measure to Mr Elturk’s efforts.

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Mr Elturk without reservation.

John Slinn


Initially, I went to see Manny when I started to experience lower back pain and I wanted to address this issue through exercise. Manny provided me with a simple plan that resolved my back problems. However, I continued to work with Manny, who has provided me with invaluable advice and guidance over the years regarding exercise and health.  

The benefits of consulting Manny go beyond the elimination of that initial back pain.  Seeing a personal trainer has helped me with issues of motivation and, I feel better, I am stronger and healthier.

I always enjoy my sessions with Manny – he is personable, focussed and he creates training programs that are suited to me, keeping me motivated, interested and enjoying the workouts. I recommend Manny, as a personal trainer, for anyone interested in improving their health and fitness.


Stephen Brown

I have been a tradesman bricklayer for over twenty years. When my back started to give me trouble and it started to be quite painful to work past a few hours I was recommended to a chiropractor who was good?!? X rays and treatments for about 6 -8 times and the chiropractor told me he couldn’t fix my back and I should change careers as it was only going to get worse. So I took his advice and changed careers and drove buses for about 5 years and my back became good again.

I got bored driving buses and decided to try bricklaying again, and I was OK for a little while until the nagging back pains returned. I came home telling my wife what am I going to do I don’t wish to drive Buses again. She advised me to see Manny Jason Elturk and try Kenetica, as she had read about it on the net. I was skeptical and didn’t want to waste money.but the pain was getting worse so I made the appointment.

That was the best decision I made because after 1 session my Back has been amazingly free and I am working like I’ve never had back issues. I am totally amazed thanks Manny I can’t believe how quick it’s become good. I’ve now had 2 session and now in the process of manage controlled exercise to keep my body in order. I’ll recommend you to all my friends.

Stephen Brown


I seemed to experience significant pain  and restricted movement in both shoulders at about the same time, just on two years ago. I was advised that my left shoulder was a “frozen shoulder.” My right shoulder was diagnosed as “Bursitis”.

There was no treatment for the left side, but I received various treatments for the right shoulder, including cortisone injection, followed by Bursitis patches to draw the fluid, Osteopathic treatment, none of which gave more than small relief.Since then, I have received 8 sessions with Manny Elturk and the relief has been better.

I am able to sleep sounder without aching, I am able to raise both arms we’ll above my head, and easily swing my arms easily to both right and left side. My treatment is ongoing, but I expect that full restoration is imminent.

I would readily recommend Manny Elturk and “Kanetica” treatment to anyone suffering joint pain.

Sue Webter

Dear Manny,

I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to Kanetica. Since my five sessions with you and the two follow ups I now have a supple, flexible and pain free body. For so long I had restricted movement in my neck, making driving difficult, and pain in my shoulder and lower back. My posture was not very good and the stiffness got worse as I aged. Massages and the chiropractor helped but never brought about a permanent change.

I had a minor and untreated whiplash injury from a car accident many years ago and had not realised my body was so out of alignment until you pointed it out. I now have the body most women my age can only dream of. It is thanks to you and Kanetica and the regular gym training sessions with you that I now feel great.

Kind regards,

Sue Webter

Audrey Johnson

I’ve struggled with upper and lower back pain through most of the year 2012. After 5 sessions of Kanetica I’m now 85% pain free and I’m slowly going back to exercising the way I did before the pain started.

Manny did stretching and movements of the back that usually had an effect a couple days later. Epsom salt baths and a lot of rest after the sessions helped to get the best benefits out of them.

I tried Chiropractors and Osteopaths as well as Physio all with little effects or very short term effects.I’m hoping that the little pain level that is remaining will resolve itself over the next couple weeks by doing some stretching exercises Manny showed me combined with some easy Yoga and Pilates.

Thanks Manny for your help and I’m hoping I won’t have to be back any time soon ;-)

Audrey Johnson

Pam Hepworth

I have known Manny for quite a few years now. I started training with him whilst my old trainer was on maternity leave. As I was training, he not only took care of my fitness but also my “lifestyle” (mostly to do with my eating habits)!

I sometimes complained of an ache in my lower back so Manny suggested I give Kanetica a go. Whilst a bit reticent to start with, I must admit that after about three sessions, I started to feel a lot more movement and freedom in my lower back.

Manny was very professional in his approach and was also very caring and gentle. He is a very kind person and I would definitely recommend a few sessions of Kanetica to anyone who has “aches and pains”.

Pam Hepworth

Diane Doering

I have been training with Manny for almost three years which was about the same time that I decided to retire from the workforce. I am in my early 60?s and after over 25 years of doing aerobics classes I felt I needed a change in the structure of my fitness.

Through the personal training benefits I have received from Manny I have become stronger, more flexible and fitter. I no longer feel the need to spend hours running on a treadmill, pedaling on a bicycle or stepping on stair-masters. Instead, the combination of weight training, 2 to 3 minutes of fast cardiovascular exercise and stretching have provided me with the tools for ongoing personal fitness into the years ahead.

I thoroughly enjoy my training with Manny and I have found him to be very informative on all aspects of personal fitness. I would recommend Manny to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer to increase or enhance their training goals.”

Diane Doering


I have been training with Manny for 4 years. When I started with Manny I had chronic pain in my left hip and knee. One of my goals was to lose some weight. After working with Manny I am now pain free and have lost the weight.

The sessions with Manny are varied, we hardly ever do the same set of exercises two sessions in a row. He monitors my levels and always provides appropriate, challenging  exercises. My latest blood test  shows  my cholesterol at its lowest level in 5 years and my PSA levels as negligible.

I enjoy training with Manny and consider the fees as health insurance well spent.

Ron , Age 67

Terry Royce

Where does one start with Manny as a personal trainer? Well at the beginning – I am now 55 years old. I came to Manny after 30 years or so of consistent attempts at gym training. But it was the same story every time. I didn’t really know how to train properly in a well-balanced and whole-body way. I would start doing my usual exercises, the same ones, every time, avoiding the exercises I didn’t like and body areas I didn’t ‘feel’ like training, such as legs, stomach, and butt. In almost every case I would get into the training and do well for 5-6 weeks, and then I would strain something, pull a muscle etc, and then end up sending 2-3 weeks getting over it. Momentum lost. Start again.

When I came back to Aussie after 21 years away I decided that a fresh start was in order – so I signed up with Manny at Fitness First. I have been with Manny now for two and a half years and he has revolutionized my training. How? By training me in a balanced way. In the time that I trained with him I have NOT injured myself as I used to. In fact the lower left back, right shoulder, and knee problems I have been nursing over all those years have gone! They were actually caused and exacerbated by unbalanced training. In every session Manny asks if both sides feel the same. That ensures that you end up balanced. I now have the strongest core muscles I have ever had, and Manny teaches you to use that in EVERY exercise.

Central in the training is Manny’s style. He is supportive but firm, and will work with the areas that you think you need (legs, stomach, and butt), as well as the other groups. If you lag in attitude he is not afraid to forcefully encourage you to work harder. Coupled with his honesty, integrity, excellent sense of humor, and strong personal core values, Manny is the best.

Terry Royce