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Let's Get Fit

Address: 81-83 Queen Street North Strathfield NSW 2137


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Let's Get Fit qualified Personal Trainers offer you an integrated exercise experience that is customised to your particular health requirements. Our services include Exercise Physiology, Wellness Coaching, Personal Training and Group training systems.

At Let’s Get Fit we pride ourselves in being able to offer you an integrated exercise experience that’s customised to your particular health requirements and accesses the range of services we offer.

Our Goals

At Let’s Get Fit your health is our passion. This means from the...

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Kate , North Strathfield
Thank you all at Let’s Get Fit for your wonderful support and guidance in helping me achieve my "healthy lifestyle" goal. In particular I would like to mention my wonderful trainer. His friendly and encouraging manner really helped to motivate me throughout my sessions. He took the time to find out what type of exercises I enjoyed and crafted my programmes around this so I never found coming along a chore. His sense of humour and ability to make me smile (even when my muscles and lungs didn't want to!) were very much appreciated. It is a testament to him that I am feeling motivated and excited about summer and putting on a swimming costume this year. Not only that, for the first time in my life it is not about those dreaded numbers on the scales - it's about how I feel, and I am feeling great!
David H , North Strathfield
I’ve been coming to Let's Get Fit and doing one-on-one personal training sessions for nearly 12 months now after suffering the side effects of a long term illness. My trainer is great because she is friendly, warm, communicates well and always mixes up the types of training, exercises and the tempo we work at. This leads to really rewarding & interesting sessions and when I finish, I feel not only great physically but mentally refreshed as well.
Jan Smith , North Strathfield
I am a healthy 62 year old who has been actively involved in sport and training for most of my life so I recognise how important it is to maintain exercise into old age. Working with my Let's Get Fit trainer is ideal for me because they understand my need for challenge and motivation in what I do. They keep me on my toes by constantly updating my exercise routine and making sure that my technique is correct. It's very gratifying to know that while my trainer always treats me as an individual, she is also very well informed of current thinking on exercise for women in my age group. As a result I have enormous confidence in my Let's Get Fit trainer.