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Evolution To Wellbeing Brisbane

Address: Paddington, QLD 4064


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Group Outdoor Personal Training - Evolution starts at 6am

Program Structure

Our evolution Outdoors program runs six days per week - Monday through Friday at 6am and runs for 48 weeks per year.

It is a continuous program which you can join at any time. The program is intended to become an on-going part of your life and not a short term fix.

At evolution...

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Business Hours

Monday 6:00am to 7:00am
Tuesday 6:00am to 7:00am
Wednesday 6:00am to 7:00am
Thursday 6:00am to 7:00am
Friday 6:00am to 7:00am

Our Team Profiles

Amy Bridle Name

Amy Bridle


Head Trainer

Year Joined



To ensure you all want to jump out of bed in the morning to watch the sun rise with a cool bunch of people, while getting fit and healthy. Why you would love training with me: Because I'm inspiring, encouraging of all levels of fitness and want you to love training outdoors as much as me. A bit about me: I'm a country girl at heart who grew up being home schooled by my mum, had a pet kangaroo and developed my love for running and being outdoors as a kid. I have a marketing degree which saw me live and work in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and London before following my true passion and dream, to inspire others to be outdoors excercising and love it!! How I take my coffee: I love the smell of coffee, chocolate coated coffee beans, coffee icecream, iced coffees and the froth off cappuccinos, but I have to say I have never had a cup of coffee. The things I do to look after myself: Run, drink loads of water, get early nights and eat well. What inspires me most about Evolution and being an Evolutionary: Working with an amazing bunch of people who's goal is to have fun and help others. What the clients say: "love amy's enthusiasm and her real passion for helping me achieve my goals no matter how small in comparison to someone elses" "I hate it when Amy goes on holidays, where is my morning motivator, that person who believes in me and inspires me to push harder?"


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Lawrence Sank , .
I started my ETW experience at 6am one cold wintry morning in July. Since those early days I've enjoyed my sessions with Mike "Let's head" Britton, and the rest of the team so much that I decided to attend at least 4 times per week. Their combined enthusiasm coupled with my personal desire to be fit, look good and be healthy has enabled me to change my body and my life.
Justin Hannemann , . always starts with the best intentions. But with Evolution it's different. Ok, so your outdoors, your with good people and your getting fit and that's all fine. But it's the atmosphere and focus of the Evolution team that keeps driving you further. The attention to each individual, working feedback into the ever-changing programs and variety of locations and activities that keeps you motivated.For most people, the 'fun' and 'fitness' go together like beer and milk but somehow, Evolution manages to mix the two in combination to provide a terrific total experience
Freddy Cole , .
After years of thinking about it, six months of unused gym membership and many false starts later. Fitness has become part of my life. Evolution offers its members what no gym can, a flexible program that includes real activities outside in the real world. The commitment of the trainers, the variety of activities and the camaraderie of the group have seen me set, achieve and surpass goals.
Nicki Joseph , .
In general, my fitness has improved radically, I have lost several kilo's, and the feeling of being part of a team or group keeps me from becoming slack with attendance. I have only missed one session in 9 months, which I'm really impressed with. The motivation to train is provided for you which makes every single cent worthwhile.
Allan Jowell , .
Before Evolution Outdoors, I found going to the gym boring and monotonous. When ever I spent time on a treadmill or a stationary bike I felt like a hamster on a wheel so instead of leaving the rat race for a while - I was the rat. Result - I only went when I ran out of excuses not to go. Total Balance is the opposite. Each session is different and being outside on the beach or in a park is invigorating. The TB team pay close attention making sure that we all do it right so that we get the most out of the time. They encourage, motivate and push but instead of being like drill instructors going through the motions they seem to take each clients progress and improvement personally. Result - I am fitter, trimmer, have more energy and did City Surf in a respectable time!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I forget my password? Click on the Forgotten Password link and a new password will be sent to your email address that you are registered with. How do I pay? Payment is taken by a third party billing provider either by credit card or direct debit. You will be charged every 4 weeks at the start of each timetable cycle for your chosen option amount, unless you change your option or freeze (up to 4 weeks/yr) or cancel you membership (2 weeks notice required). What if I need to go away for vacation, work, illness / injury or any other unforeseen reason? You can freeze / pause at any time - just complete the Membership Freeze Request form in the Members Area - for up to 4 weeks per year. In addition to your personal freeze allowance, Evolution Outdoors runs for 48 weeks per year (12 x 4 week timetables), so from mid-December to mid-January all memberships are frozen and you are not charged. We do have a pay as you go timetable during this period should you wish to keep up your training. Is there a minimum period I have to join for? No - payment is taken every 4 weeks at the start of each new timetable, but as long as you give us 2 weeks notice before the next timetable you can cancel at any time. Do I have to wait for the next 4 week timetable before I can join? No - you can start your trial any time and become a member any time too. How can I get advice to help set goals and measure my progress? Complete our online goals questionnaire and this will go to the Evolutionary of your KLIK. They will then review your goals and arrange a time to discuss them with you further. To measure the progress of any fitness goals you have we hold an assessment based session on the timetable every 8 weeks to enable you to check in against how well you performed last time. How can I get advice on what I should eat? If you want to achieve results then you need to remember that exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. Complete our nutrition questionnaire and you will be contacted by our ETW nutritionist during your trial week for a free phone based consultation. How many people attend each session? Attendance varies by group / location / session and weather from anywhere between 5 and 30 people, sessions with over 12-16 people will be split between 2 or more trainers to ensure you get focused attention and variation within the session. What is an Evolutionary and their role? Evolutionary is the name we give to the leaders of our outdoors group programs. They are first and foremost inspiring leaders and dedicated fitness professionals. They are completely committed to transforming the way that people relate to fitness training at 6am in the morning and are available at every step on that journey. What is a KLIK? A KLIK is our term for a group of clients (evolutionites) who train together. Each KLIK is looked after by one of our expert trainer leaders known as an evolutionary. Why do the locations change? Changing session locations helps to maintain variety and make the most of the unique aspects different locations have to offer. Most days are location specific but YOU MUST CHECK YOUR TIMETABLE to see where your group is training There are location videos on our website that show you exactly where to go and where to meet at each place. What happens if it is bad weather? Sessions are held regardless of weather. On particularly wet days we move to a wet weather location you will receive a text message from your Evolutionary 30 minutes before the session so make sure you have your phone on in the morning. Since 2001 we have only cancelled 2 sessions EVER. How great is that record ! What do I need to bring to the session? We recommend you bring some water, wear suitable clothing to train in, suitable footwear for exercise, and a light splash proof jacket in case of rain. Some clients prefer to bring their own wrist guards for the boxing sessions, but if you do not have do not worry as we provide inner gloves for hygiene reasons. Is it right for me? This is the most important question you should ask before you invest your time, money and effort in anything. That is why we offer anyone interested in Evolution Outdoors a no obligation, FREE 1 week trial. That way you can answer this question for yourself! Our program is designed for injury free people at any level of fitness. Am I fit enough? Our sessions are designed to accommodate people of all levels of fitness - so yes you are! What time are the sessions? Evolution starts at 6am Monday to Friday and 7am on Saturdays. Punctuality is important to ensure you warm up properly. They run for 1 hour and finish punctually to allow you to get on with your day.