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Enliven Fitness - Wentworth Park Glebe

Address: Wentworth Park Rd Glebe NSW 2037


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Enliven Fitness offfers Outdoor Group and Personal Training in Glebe/Ultimo If you are looking to lose weight, tone up, improve you health fitness & vitality in a supportive, motivating and invigorating environment that helps you achieve your goals and want an altnernative to a gym or typical boot camp, then join us today.

We offer invigorating outdoor group training classes in Glebe/Ultimo that is social, fun and results orientated.

Are you ready to...

* Increase your energy and vitality?
* Lose that unwanted body fat?
* Gain strength and cardio fitness?
* Improve your flexibility and posture?
* Attain the health and...

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Michael Wilson


Owner and Trainer

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Michael is the owner and director of Enliven Fitness. Michael’s passion for health and fitness began in 2003, stemming from a strong desire to better his own health and overcome injuries and health ailments which could not be solved through modern medical techniques alone. This led Michael on his own journey of research and discovery towards the truth behind optional health. Michael's strong desire to educate himself on health, guided him to opportunities to be taught and mentored by some of Australia’s leading health and fitness professionals. Michael holds the resounding notion that in order to achieve optimal health one must first make the choice to take responsibility for themself. He believes that there is no drug or treatment that can mend the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle, poor nutrition and lack of exercise, thus Michael lives by example of how to live an enriching, balanced and abundant life through healthy means. Michael adopts a holistic approach with his clients, offering honest and realistic solutions to their health and fitness goals.


The Cost of NOT Training ! Do your Figures add up?

I find it disheartening how low on the list of priorities a staggering proportion of the population place their health and fitness, therefore I wanted to delve into the topic further as to why this is so and the costs associated with not training regularl

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Spring Cleanse Part 1

Why not begin this season afresh and rid the body of harmful toxins through a Spring Cleanse.

Things that may be preventing you from losing weight and achieving your goals…

Are you having difficulty losing weight? Have you tried and tried different diets and fitness regimes in the past without any luck? Are you frustrated with not being able to achieve your ideal weight and physique?

Health Benefits of Water.

Did you also know that hydration plays a role in weight loss

Spring Cleanse Part 2

There are many benefits to attain from detoxifying the body seasonally, including enhanced energy levels, better sleep, improved digestion, more mental clarity, a better ability to use fat as a fuel source (a must if you want to lose body fat and tone tho


Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by Enliven Fitness - Wentworth Park Glebe.

Trevor , Wentworth Park, Glebe NSW
Michael really helps you train smarter not harder. Michael really helps you train smarter not harder. It really makes me want to keep coming back as I don't feel like I'm being flogged or demoralised and can't keep up. I can definitely feel the results even after only going for the last month or so
Katherine , Wentworth Park, Glebe NSW
Michael is an encouraging, motivational coach I have been training with Michael for just over a month. I have got so much out of his training already. I feel fitter and healthier and have had a great time doing it. Michael is an encouraging, motivational coach. I cannot recommend him enough!!
Danny , Wentworth Park, Glebe NSW
i loved it‎ I loved the trial class you offered, it really gave me the opportunity to understand exaclty the type of training methods you use without any fuss, and the type of results I can expect to achieve without all the fake hype out there these days. thank you so much Michael and see you at the Next class!!
John H , Wentworth Park, Glebe NSW
Fun and Friendly group & personal training.‎ I have just started in the group training sessions at wentworth park, what's great about them is they are not like your normal group sessions, where the trainer is just yelling at everyone to go faster and harder, here there is the care factor about achieving a long lasting healthy lifestyle, I will definitly be referring you to all who are in need. Thank you enliven fitness.
Michael K , Bondi Beach NSW
Very Professional ‎ Michael is a fantastic trainer. His knowledge and motivation is inspirational. He is one of the most professional personal trainers I have ever dealt with. I have no hesitation in recommeding Michael to anyone who is serious about fitness, living a healthy lifestyle and general well being.
Kristy E , Wentworth Park, Glebe NSW
Fantastic Group Training‎ I have been training in Michael's group classes for over a year now. Each week he delivers an innovative, fresh and fun approach to exercise. By utilising methods that strengthen the body as a whole, the exercises are both functional and practical in nature. I have seen definite improvements in my core strength and posture. Thanks Michael!
Sarah G , Bondi Beach, NSW
Great Fitness class down by the beach!‎ I have been attending the group training sessions with Michael for well over 6 months now and absolutely love it! Its a great way to start my weekend and leaves me feeling energised for the day. Every week we have something different on the cards and it adds that extra umph to my regular running/walking regime. I have seen a definite improvement in my upper body strength! Thanks Michael!
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