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Average Joe's Fitness

Address: Darley Rd, Queens Park Randwick North NSW 2031

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Health and fitness should be for everyone from those of you that havent done any exercise for many, many years to those of you that are fit and active.

Health and fitness should be for everyone – from those of you that haven’t done any exercise for many, many years to those of you that are fit and active. Whatever your level of fitness (and health) you can be guaranteed that I won’t make any judgements and I will have no...

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My name is Joseph Bilbao and I am just an “average joe” (pun intended) who loves to help people get fitter and healthier than they have ever been in their lives. I spent 15 years in the “corporate world” before becoming a personal trainer. Those 15 years helped me understand the demands of balancing work commitments, family and fitness – exactly what most people struggle with. In 2007 I began helping people with their health and fitness goals. I believe that “fitness should be fun” and I have developed a unique approach that makes sessions “fly by” – my clients never count down the minutes (well, hardly ever!) I utilise the latest strength and conditioning techniques and, if you are up for it, I can integrate skill-based activities in our training sessions. This might include Frisbee, and kicking, catching, or throwing a ball (all sorts of balls) in safe, structured and challenging sessions. My clients get the benefits of a structured exercise program – they become leaner, fitter, and stronger – while getting “out of the gym” (or getting in to one of Sydney’s ultimate gyms), doing something different and having some fun. Some things that I am not… (and an insight into why I have realistic expectations of what you can and can’t do) A mass of muscle A former commando A “black belt” in anything A former “professional” player of any sport Some things that I am… Qualified Personal Trainer Mentor. Coach, Psychologist (or so it sometimes feels like) Sports fan – I play and watch anything and everything (and have done so my whole life) Fun – or so my three year old daughter tells me Relaxed – or so my wife tells me Nice – or so my mum tells me Fit, healthy and happy – or so I tell myself


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Mark Hansell
When I started looking at personal training I expected it would be one of those necessary evils, something to endure rather than enjoy. Joe managed to prove me wrong within 10 minutes! Joe’s training not only includes your exercise session but also helps you identify parts of your diet and lifestyle that are holding you back from achieving your fitness goals. Thanks for all your help!
Ben Carney
I’ve been training with Joe for about six months now and can confidently say that he has delivered on everything that he said he would. My sessions are easily scheduled around my complicated work roster. Every week is different as Joe and I work towards both my short term and long term goals and Joe’s huge repertoire of exercises always keeps things interesting. I’m really pleased with the results of the personal training and look forward to each weeks session
David Vitek
I have been training with Joe once a week since December 2009. My goal was to lose a few kilos and to increase my energy levels. I managed to lose 4 kilos within 4 months and not only have I have kept it off I am feeling great. I think what Joe does really well is that he is 100% focused on his clients for the entire session. He mixes up the sessions to keep things interesting and as a result, the session is over before I know it and I go home feeling wrecked but awesome!! If your even thinking about using a trainer then stop thinking and just have a few session with Joe. You’ll get addicted like I did and wont be able to stop.
Matthew Gibbs
I started training outdoors with Joe to supplement my existing fitness programme. Joe was very focussed on what I wanted to achieve and has developed programmes that are tailored to my goals. Sessions with Joe are fun and varied and the outdoor training is a refreshing change from traditional sessions in the gym.
Kelly McKinnon
Since a major health event in 2007 I’ve had a long period of being relatively inactive and doing lots of comfort eating! I’ve also been living with the ongoing effects of a brain injury. In September 2010 I came to the realisation I had slowly put on a lot of weight, didn’t have much energy, wasn’t feeling ‘well’ in myself and was struggling to manage the effects of my brain injury. While the aesthetics of weight loss are very appealing, what I am most concerned about is creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle for myself. I want to be active and I want to eat in a way that is good for my body. But I don’t want exercise to be a chore and I want to enjoy my food!! If I can find a way to incorporate exercise and healthy eating in my normal day to day lifestyle, I believe I’ll have more energy, feel better in myself, be better placed to manage any difficulties and there may even be some aesthetic benefits as well! But most importantly to me, I’ll be a healthier person. With Joe’s help, we’ve been able to turn these thoughts into a realistic plan of how I build my healthy lifestyle. In our first couple of sessions Joe did an initial assessment looking at where I was, where I wanted to be and how we would work together to make this happen. Joe was especially focused on understanding my background, what motivates me and my (perceived!) limitations – in a nutshell his approach was very personal; he was totally focused on me. From there Joe helped me set some realistic medium and short-term goals which make the big one seem very achievable. These goals include different aspects of eating, exercise and lifestyle which we set each month. Our one-on-one sessions are an important part of my plan not just from the exercise perspective but also in reviewing my goals and making sure I’m staying on track week to week. We’ve been training together a few months now and already I am more active, have much more energy and am feeling great. What works for me is that Joe is actively involved in helping me achieve my goals. He’s always interested in how I’m going and takes a genuinely holistic approach. In between sessions Joe is available and supportive if I have a question or am just struggling with some aspect of my goals. Possibly his biggest strength (as I mention above) is how personal he is – he understands what I want and what it will take for me to achieve that. Because of this I believe I’ll achieve my goals with his support. So already I’m on my way to leading a sustainable healthy lifestyle – lots of work to be done but to be honest that’s absolutely fine by me! I’m loving the process!
Matthew Strassberg
I have had a dozen different “Group Training” trainers – but Joe’s training really stood out for his emphasis on technique and the science behind it. It certainly helped my core strength, tightening my abs. And his use of Tabata runs – involving only eight minutes per session – lifted my speed over longer distances
Natalie-Niamh Fearon
I am extremely happy with the achievements I made together with Average Joe’s Fitness. I have successfully integrated exercise and fitness into my daily routine. I am confident I now have the skills and ability to continue to improve into the future. My goal seemed more achievable than ever before thanks to the structured training plan which was impressively thorough and comprehensive. With average Joe’s fitness I feel I had more than a personal trainer, I had a coach to encourage, advise and support me every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I train and at what time? ( Group Training) What time are the group training sessions? Group Training sessions are: 6:15am to 7am on Tuesday mornings 6:15am to 7am on Thursday mornings Training Location Group training sessions are held at Queens Park on Darley Rd (near the kids’ playground) Several locations are frequently used for 1 on 1 Coaching, including Centennial Park, Bronte Park (the gully), Queens Park, Moore Park and Alison Park (in Randwick). These locations can be seen on the map below. Where can I train and at what time? ( Personal Training) What time can we train? We’ll train at a time suitable to fit in to your schedule Training Locations in the Eastern Suburbs Several training locations are frequently used, including Bronte Park (the gully), Queens Park, Centennial Park, Moore Park and Alison Park. These locations can be seen on the map below. A convenient location plays an important role in ensuring that you will stick to your chosen fitness program. For this reason, we can train at any outdoor location within the Eastern Suburbs, such as your local park, so that it is more convenient for you. Give me a call to organise the best location. 1-on-1 Personal Training, What kind of training will I be doing? The short answer Sessions incorporate a wide variety of different exercises and equipment. The following is a small sample of what you might do: Strength training – Practical exercises using free weights and your own body weight Aerobic training – high intensity movements to get your heart pumping Mobility and movement training – ensuring that you move efficiently and effectively Skills training – specific skills training relating to your sport or activity of choice Fun fitness – Frisbee throwing, ball kicking, catching and passing drills – you won’t even know that you are exercising! The long answer (actually its just a different answer) It depends. The type of training will depend on your individual goals and on what you enjoy doing (yes, I believe you need to enjoy exercise!). Every exercise that you perform at Average Joe’s will have a purpose that is based on your needs and goals. Exercises will benefit the way that you need to function in your “normal” life and not just help you get better at “training”. The exercises you do will be effective, practical and even fun! You will be regularly challenged with new exercises and sessions will never be boring.