Ways to Use Skating to Improve Physical Fitness

Skating or skateboarding is a good form of exercise for anybody and is also lots of fun. It has many benefits foremost of which is improving muscular strength. Additionally, it helps a person improve his balance and jumping ability as well as increase his energy level.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers skateboarding as an aerobic activity. It helps burn calories whether one is just cruising along a sidewalk or performing tricks and stunts.

If you’re beginner and you aim to use this physical activity as a way to stay fit and healthy, the most important thing you will have to consider is getting a good skateboard. There are different styles and sizes available today. There’s the big and wide one ideal for coasting while there’s also the trick skateboard that will allow you to perform freestyle moves.

Balance is vital in skateboarding. If you know how to ride a bicycle or roller skate, there won’t be much of a problem in the balancing aspect. It’s the lower body that does the moves here with the legs doing a great workout.

To help you prepare for this type of activity, experts advise to do initial exercises at home that will build your muscles in the lower extremities. Target areas are the calves, hips, hamstrings, quadriceps and the core muscles. The squat is the perfect exercise as you will be doing this very often especially when steering your skateboard and balancing yourself.

As you’re starting out, remember to go slow while coasting. Eventually when you’ve learned the hang of it, you can go faster to burn more calories and build more muscle.

If you aim to do some jump tricks, ideal exercises are the box squats and box jumps. The box squat is similar to squatting although you just start from a sitting position. The box jump, meanwhile, starts from a sitting position and then jumping on to a box or platform and landing on both feet.

For those who want to lose weight, more vigorous skateboarding is required. It is also a good idea to do other strength training routines and follow a low-carb diet for better results.

Before you go skateboarding, always make sure to do some warm up exercises. Stretching is very important as well as doing some jumping jacks and jogging moves in one place.

Finally, don’t forget to wear your protective gear. Put your helmet on and wear your elbow and knee pads.

About the guest Author:

Keeane is a fitness instructor and a former skater based in Sydney. He recommends Penny Skateboard Australia to those looking for gifts to skaters this holiday season.