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We are told everyday that obesity is in epidemic proportions, that people are too lazy and don't move enough. Absolutely people's diets and attitudes to eating is a major problem, but what of lack of exercise. What if, like millions of Australians, you are simply stuck at your desk all day with barely time for a lunch break let alone a gym visit when you finally get out of the workplace, before you have to head home.

You can try to squeeze in late night gym visits or just forget fitness altogether in the face of a deadline, or you can try to incorporate your work and fitness time into a few simple steps that won't cut down your work productivity or make your fitness level drop into non-existence.

There are a number of office exercises and tips that have been developed over recent years in the face of so many Australians being stuck at their desks for over eight hours a day. These following tips and exercises are all designed to help keep fitness levels strong despite being in the seated position all day, while also improving a person's mindset, which can only benefit the task at hand.

Fitness for the Workplace

Now, there are several tricks for fitness in the workplace that everyone knows. Take the stairs where possible, park away from work or ditch the car and work to work and fitness lunch breaks are all popular, and common, options. But what if you work on the 40th floor? What if home is suburbs away? What if lunch is lucky to be eaten, let alone an exercise break?

Well there are other options available that can improve your fitness while you work:

  • Sit on a swiss ball instead of a chair. Even if you can't do this all day, just doing it for an hour or so will make a huge difference, if no only for releasing tension in your lower back.
  • If you keep the chair, does some leg work while you are sitting. One popular method is butt clenching. Simply tighten and squeeze your buttocks for around ten seconds repeatedly throughout the day. Also by flexing and pointing your feet this will really tone your calf muscles.
  • When using the bathroom go to another floor and take the stairs. Additionally, get yourself a pedometer and aim for between 6,000 and 10,000 steps per day to maintain and even increase fitness levels.
  • Walk while on your mobile, and stretch every hour even if juts to get your blood pumping.
  • Use hand weights during the day when you aren't using your hands such as on the phone

There are also a number of other choices people can make during their standard work day that will increase their fitness, even if it doesn't involved moving anything.

  • Start with a good breakfast that leaves you fuller for longer, eliminate snacking and stay away for any coffee treats such as cakes or cookies.
  • One handy trick is to start the week with a bowl of fresh fruit on your desk, that way, during the week you can easily reach across and snack on that anytime you are hungry. As opposed to going to the nearest vending machine for empty calorie-packed chips!
  • Swap your morning coffee for a morning green tea which houses no calories and is packed with lovely antioxidants that will help you focus on your work while keeping you alert