Obtain a Fitness Trainer Certificate via Distance Learning

With the growing number of people committed to leading a healthy lifestyle, the demand for personal fitness trainers has also risen. Fitness trainers are professionals who provide exercise programs to clients and motivate them in order reach their goals. Some also provide guidance in terms of the nutrition needed by people engaged in specific exercise routines.

In Australia, the job outlook for fitness instructors is very rosy. A strong employment growth is being forecast by the Australian Government for these professionals moving through 2016-2017. As of November 2011, there were 25,100 fitness instructors all over the country.

Interestingly, a report by Executive Results shows that the top three reasons that motivate people to get into fitness are to lose weight, get fit and become healthy. Other reasons include to boost self confidence, feel happy and energized and to build muscles. For a three-year period (2009-2012), the report revealed that the motivation to get fit was highest in from July to December 2012 while the number of people who wanted to lose weight peaked in January. The decision to reduce weight in the first month of the year is often the case after people allowed themselves to eat more than usual during the holidays.  

If you’re one person passionate about fitness and dedicated to helping other people be in good shape and lead a healthy lifestyle, becoming a personal trainer may be an ideal career for you. It is very convenient to pursue a formal education in this field today as many institutions offer distance learning programs.

An important step is to choose an accredited school that offers nationally recognized personal trainer courses. This will enable you to start your career in the fitness industry on the right foot.

Generally, a fitness training course will give you the knowledge and skills to design and carry out exercise programs for various clients with different health and fitness objectives. Specific courses covered include exercise technique, exercise and fitness, health safety, professionalism and program design.

The distance learning method can take a year to complete and may require attending campus classes on certain days. Professionals who cannot take a long absence from work are recommended to choose this option. Basic requirements for students enrolled in the distance learning courses include a computer with high speed internet connection, word processor, email address, PDF reader and access to video/DVD recording facilities.

About the guest author:

Romy is a physical fitness instructor at a university who takes pride in having completed his training through distance education.