5 Casual Fitness Exercises You Can Try

January 25, 2013

Some people see exercise as more of a bane or a chore than a benefit, and who can blame them? Name a popular form of exercise, and there will always be a drawback to match it. Running? Terrible for weak knees and joints. An aerobics class? Too much un-focused movement. Yoga? The semi-mystic aspect can make some people think twice about it.

Luckily, there are a number of offbeat exercises out there that just might be what these folks are looking for. Here are five workout routines that can make working out fun.

  1. Pyri – Do you enjoy studying ancient history? Do you know the difference of a kopis from a gladius? Do the clash of swords, the beating of shields, and the roar of soldiers in swrod-and-sandal movies make your blood race? If so, then Pyri is just the sport for you. This fitness program combines high- and low-impact exercises with sword drills and even dances, all done with a wooden sword. It's an exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility, balance, grace and endurance. If you want to feel like one of the sung heroes of antiquity, Pyri is the fitness program for you. 
  2. Aerial Yoga – The sky’s the limit for you when you give this fitness program a spin – and a dip, and a dive, and quick possibly a few twirls. Aerial yoga employs a special cloth-like swing that extends into grips for you to execute the most graceful poses while focusing on strengthening your core, enhancing your flexibility, and encouraging proper breathing. Fans of this type of exercise mention that they experience less back pain with Aerial Yoga.
  3. Hooping – Remember how much fun you had playing with your hula hoop as a child? Turn that up to eleven with this fitness program. Hooping has since evolved from a child’s toy. It has become a part of club culture, and now has burst into mainstream status. It now incorporates elements from dancing, juggling, and gymnastics. Avid hoopers can now even put on quite the show with LED hoops, and even fire hoops. Wow your friends, and get healthy!
  4. Waterwalking – If you’ve always wanted to feel like a hamster in a ball enclosure, try this workout! Some people may scoff at the concept, but waterwalking is one great form of exercise that engages all your muscle groups, as well as your sense of direction. Waterwalkers manoeuvre a large inflatable ball on the surface of the water while in it, and are free to crawl, walk, or even cartwheel as they go.
  5. Jukari – Ever felt like you want to run away with the circus? Here’s a workout that allows you to do just that – at least for the duration of your routine. Jukari is the brainchild of Cirque Du Soleil and Reebok Fitness, and gives practitioners a great workout while learning gymnastic movements and skills made famous by the spell-binding circus troupe. Here, gymnastic balls, scarves, a balance seesaw, and workout trapezes are vital tools in the workout, and help to enhance one’s grace, strength, and sense of balance. Jukari brings a sense of fun and showmanship to exercise, and is the one of the best workouts around. 

Author Bio: Sarah Paulsen has a thing for sweating to the oldies, and feels glittery hotpants make workouts a lot more fun. She recommends you click here for the best fitness gear and apparel in Australia today.