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Annandale Magic Massage

Address: 342 Young St Sydney CBD NSW 2000


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What is a Magic Massage? It's warm towels & heat packs, quality blends of aromatherapy & massage oils, combined techniques - working from top to toe, loosening muscles, relaxing tendons............. it's affordable and effective, it's a professional and caring massage at a lower cost , even before your health fund rebate kicks in.


Remedial Massage - the ideal therapeutic massage for deep, soothing relaxation, because you deserve it! Great for the relief of stress, aches, pain, stiffness and fatigue.

Pregnancy Massage - techniques for treating the specific problems, discomforts and physiological...

17 December, 2010
Trish at AMM uses a wonderful combination of techniques and gives you full attention and care, something not all masseurs do. her routine relaxes and releases tight spots you didn;t know were there, and left me feeling 10 years younger! And she' sless expensive than most!
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Tricia Constanti



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(Dip.R.M., Dip. Zen Shiatsu Level 3) Member of the Association of Remedial Masseurs (ARM) since 1992. Experienced Zen Shiatsu practitioner, trained with three of Sydney's leading teachers. QUALIFICATIONS •Diploma of Remedial Massage •Diploma of Zen Shiatsu Levels 1, 2, & 3. •Certificate - Pregnancy Massage •Certificate - Hot Stones Therapy •Certificate - Sports Massage L1

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you covered by health funds? You will need to check your particular policy for details of your eligibility and the amount of rebate. We are recognised by the following health funds : Aust. Health Management [AHMACA Health Benefits Fund [ARHG] - ANZ Health Insurance Plan [HBA] - Australian Unity - Cardmember Health Insurance Plan [HBA] - C.B.H.S. Friendly Society - Cessnock District Health Benefits Fund [ARHG] - CSR Health Plan - Defence Health Partners [ARHG] - Federation Health [ARHG] - GMHBA (Geelong Medical) [ARHG] - Grand United Friendly Society- H.C.F. - HBA (Formerly AXA) - HBF - Health Care Insurance Ltd [ARHG] - Health Cover Direct [HBA] - Health Partners [ARHG] - HIF (Health Insurance Fund of WA) [ARHG] - Latrobe Health Services [ARHG] - Lysaght Peoplecare [ARHG] - Manchester Unity - Medibank Private - Mildura District Hospital Fund [ARHG] - Mutual Community [HBA] - N.I.B - N.R.M.A - Naval Health Fund [ARHG] - Overseas Student Health Plan [HBA] - Phoenix Health Fund [ARHG] - Police Health Fund [ARHG] - Queensland Country Health Ltd [ARHG] - Railway & Transport Hospital Fund [ARHG] - Reserve Bank Health Society [ARHG] - St. Luke’s Health [ARHG] - Teachers Federation [ARHG] - Teachers Union Health [ARHG] - Transport Health [ARHG] - U.A.O.D.F.S. United Ancient Order of Druids [ARHG] - Westfund [ARHG]